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Extra V Pen


Extra V Pen


Pen for your V!



Delivery Time

  • Your t-shirt will be shipped 3-4 weeks after order has been placed.
  • Delivery time is up to 1 week after shipping.

Refunds, returns, customs & taxes of the t-shirts

  • The total amount of your purchase includes customs, duties and taxes.
  • No refunds can be offered for the t-shirts after the sale ends. This is because the order will be manufactured based on your size, for you, right after the sale ends.
  • There is no return option for the t-shirt. In case we've made a mistake and sent you the wrong size, and not the one you ordered, we will send you a new t-shirt, free of charge.
  • This t-shirt is a high quality one and we are sure you will love it! But, be sure to notice the refund policy stated above.
Your t-shirt will be shipped from the local warehouses. So, for example, if you have placed an order from the U.S., your t-shirt will be shipped from the U.S. warehouse. If you order from Finland, the shirt will be shipped from EU warehouse in the U.K., and so forth.
Please don't be shy to post a pic of you and your shirt to eve.community. And you can feel safe while washing it, the premium print will last, so you can carry our colour all the time if you want!

Why are t-shirts sold to selected countries?

As the t-shirts are shipped by the same fulfilment partner we use for the V computer shipments, at this stage we are only able to offer safe and affordable shipments to selected countries. We will pursue the ability to offer global deliveries of Eve apparel in the near future as well!