Where it all began

Humbled and staggered, we rejoice how others saw our caring and passion for T1:

Why T1?

Eve T1 is the new, game changing Windows 8.1 tablet from Finland. Experience the full windows desktop architecture with T1’s high performance, disguised under its elegant and beautiful design. Packing a lot of unique features, T1 is the ultimate choice among portable windows tablets.

Exquisite design

Our goal was to create the most meaningful experience. We wanted to offer seamless interaction with T1 everyday. We also made sure that in T1 only the price tag comes cheap. Quality feel is achieved through suede black, single body case. Every small detail was under scrutiny. As result, T1 is highly functional and portable tablet, yet visually minimalistic in its style.

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Monster Performance

Expect no lag or twitches. T1’s quad-core 64-bit processor represents the latest in Intel® technology, which combines processing power with battery durability like never seen before.

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Quad core

An eye melting screen

The screen. Its what we are looking at everyday. At Eve, we realized that from the very beginning and made sure you’ll enjoy the lively, vivid colors enhanced by a responsive touch interface.

Not a restricted computer anymore

Don’t let the size fool you. T1 is a full computer inside. Switch between the regular desktop and tablet view on-the-go. With T1 you can do everything you can with your regular PC, while still enjoying the portability and comfort of a slate. Dont worry. We’ve also included a free Microsoft Office® licence for a full year in T1 to help you do more.