Revolution Starts

with you.

“Layer after layer of middlemen in between the maker and the ultimate user of the product.”

— Akio Morita, the founder of Sony.

The problem

Intrusive Bloatware

Many brands boost their income by pre-installing their devices full of extra software. They get royalty payments, you get the bloatware and reduced performance.

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Unreasonable Price

The product in your hands often costs much less to make. Usually over a half of the price tag goes to support the old-fashioned distribution structures: marketers, warehousing, and middlemen of all sorts.

Miserable Design

We feel that the majority of design out there is just engineered either to keep a device together or sacrifice experience for visual beauty.

At eve we don’t compromise your experience nor visual beauty.

The solution

1. Cut the middlemen out

We operate online. And we love it. There are no middlemen between us and our customers.

No ivory structures, no additional costs related. At Eve, world-class designers and seasoned manufacturing folk have come together, aspiring to deliver pure hardware experiences.

2. Eve.Community

The magic happens at The arena where anyone can join and co-create great tech with us and like-minded peers.

You get to vote in polls, share your experiences and opinions. You get to call the shots. With the crowd of tech-enthusiast at, we are able to reach tech solutions that users really demand and deserve.

Team behind eve

ceo & co-founder
bd, asia
Project Manager
Senior ID-designer
Senior ID-designer
head of RND
electrical engineer
electrical engineer
Schematics engineer
PCBA layout Engineer
thermal engineer
More pictures are coming soon. Guys have been too busy developing the device...

16 passionate tech-enthusiasts stand againts multi-million dollar nonsense corporations.

But, we just create the platform, you create the product.

Revolution Starts With You

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How it all began?

This is how we started and that's why our story sometimes seems to be too good to be true.

long time ago

Need for change

It’s all began with Konsta and Mikko very unsatisfied with smart devices available in the market. they had terrible design, bad performance and unreasonable price tag.

december 2013

David and Goliath

We came up with a crazy idea to rival big brands by creating an ultimate value small Windows tablet.


First product: T1

We have proved the world that two guys and some amazing partners with a big dream can create a great value device to challenge big players. T1 was launched, sold worldwide and covered by worldwide press.


Not bad. Can we do more?

T1 was designed internally. Most feedback was positive, but many started to pick on particular details and how device could be improved.

APRIL 2015

Eve insider created

T1 and the press coverage inspired a group of people to really get involved with Eve. We didn't know these passionate individuals before, but they impressed us with their insight and enthusiasm. From this like-minded core following, Eve Insider group was born.

JUNE 2015

Crowd-development platform

Idea of crowd-development platform a.k.a. is born.


Expand the team

We are looking for some of the best brains to join our quest of changing the way hardware is developed. Mentors, manufacturing partners, designers, Everyone!

JANUARY 2016 is live!

Our new amazing team starts to work on the best in class device!